Care & Guidance

High impact support for every Apprentice from our world class team...

Future LDN is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare, wellbeing, and ambitions of all of the young people we work with. Our Care & Guidance begins right from the moment you apply and continues until you have successfully completed your Apprenticeship!

We are committed to protecting our learners from all kinds of harm, including preventing our learners from being drawn into radicalisation or terrorism.

Learning & Development Specialists

We work with all of our learners throughout their whole programme and meet with face to face at least once per month to ensure they feel comfortable to talk about any issues; whether it be next steps, finances, housing, health, medical conditions or any issues relating to safeguarding.

Designated Safeguarding Officer

We have a Designated Safeguarding Officer who oversees the welfare and wellbeing of all Apprentices. The LDN Group has supported Apprentices through a wide range of issues, from healthy eating advice through to homelessness, to help them to perform their absolute best in their job roles and go on to highly rewarding careers.

Report a Safeguarding Concern